My name is Chris, and I design websites.

Regularly, that involves developing websites / web applications in a few layers:

  • PHP (4.4.9 - 7+) and MySQL
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • JavaScript

Often that means creating / updating an adaptive / responsive design or theme / template for an existing website.

I make recommendations for SEO (search engine optimization), coding & development, web security, plan an update strategy, and/or map improvements in structure.

At times that includes installing WordPress or another CMS (content management system), adding content to a new or existing website, and/or setting up a new place on the web.

Sometimes I write code for websites and various plugins, create functionality for WordPress templates, examine existing application architectures and layouts, or integrate APIs (application programming interfaces).

Rarely, I write copy for a website. I don't do this often and recommend against it -- it's expensive, and you know your needs, business, and clientele better than I do.

Web Design Software

A note on Dreamweaver and other WYSIWYG web design software: I don't use these for any part of the design process since the websites they generate are usually inferior. If your company uses any of these in-house for webpage maintenance, I can usually make sure that my work integrates with your business workflow.

How It Works

Consultations take time. You can spend as little as $100 for a consultation to get recommendations and advice from me which usually applies to fees for any work you have me do.

The cost of a project depends on your needs and requests -- I'll give you an estimate of the cost up-front so you have an idea of what to expect.

Work will usually involve:

  • a consultation including planning with time and cost estimate
  • a contract with a partial payment up-front
  • the design and development phases
  • getting feedback and making modifications
  • the remainder of the payment on completion
  • maintenance over the life cycle of your website as needed

I'm willing to work on long-term projects on either an hourly rate or by milestones.

Some Bits I've Learned

  • I will not rush. It saves time and money (for all involved) to do things properly.
  • I do not sugar-coat. If something is unrealistic or poorly designed, expect me to say so. Likewise, while my estimates are sometimes off, I always endeavor to be more accurate with these.
  • Code is never perfect. I will hold to the ideal of making it easy to change.
  • Standards are always good. Especially over the long-term. As are comments.
  • Everything requires more coffee.

If you're interested in hiring me or a consultation, send me an email, or if you're in Northeast Oklahoma / Northwest Arkansas (you might want to check additional local services) -- we could always meet over coffee.