Content Management

Sometimes a lightweight templating system is all you'll need to more easily manage your content. I can convert most websites to use a template, whether that's in Twig, Smarty, or PHP.

Templates enable you to minimize the amount of work it takes to add new pages and content, and standardize / quickly change your website design.

I don't typically do client website hosting or domain registration, but can make recommendations if needed. On occasion in the past, I've helped troubleshoot web hosting or email problems for clients, but this is rarely needed.


While I typically design personalized, custom templates for clients, or implement new plugins for specialized functionality, I can:

  • install and secure WordPress
  • make minor changes to existing themes
  • troubleshoot problems
  • convert existing themes to be adaptive / responsive (usually)
  • make recommendations for improved accessibility / content & SEO / user experience (UX)
  • make suggestions / changes for improved security
  • backup (or help you learn to backup) your website with most webhosts

If you want to look into some of this on your own, see: Getting Started With WordPress from the WordPress codex.


I've worked with Joomla 1.5-3.6+, and can:

  • create templates, plugins, or components as needed
  • update templates to modern HTML5
  • troubleshoot existing websites
  • troubleshoot / fix existing plugins
  • add functionality as required


I have experience with various frameworks, from Slim to Twitter's Bootstrap to Zend, and can make recommendations on what will best suit your needs (if any framework is desired / necessary).