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Chris Richard
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Barring technical difficulties, expect a reply within 24 hours. If you're calling (and I don't catch it), be sure to leave a voicemail, but typically -- email is best.

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I started writing in 1996, attended Texas A&M University for English / Computer Science, then Philosophy / English. In 2007, I began writing freelance. In 2010, I packed up and left Texas for the scenic views (and cooler weather) of Arkansas. In August 2010, I started writing articles for eHow, then Demand Studios, primarily on tech subjects. I've seen them all over the place as time goes on —,,, and others.

In April 2012, my Mom mentioned that her website needed some work, so I began learning HTML. I expected there would be a good deal of work involved, and there was (is). I didn't expect to go into web design as a career shift.

But so it is. After picking up HTML 4.01, I realized I needed to learn more about CSS. CSS led to learning more about Apache and SSI. SSI got me working on learning PHP. And PHP led easily into JavaScript and other languages.

After signing up on Elance during a brief lull in article writing, I realized that there was plenty of work out there for a web designer and touched on the idea of doing it professionally. Now I am.

There's always more to tell, but it's beyond the scope of this page. I'm always up for talking over coffee (or emails and coffee).

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