Coding / Development

My preferences are:

I have some experience programming in Python 2.7-3.5, Pascal, and Turbo Pascal (though I doubt any client would request the latter two). I can, however, pick up any language as requested.


SOLID principles and Object-Oriented design have become a good foundation for me, along with the PSR coding standards from PHP-FIG (when coding in PHP). I'm fairly picky when it comes to coding to a standard -- there should always be a coding standard for any code base, even if it's a small project.

Of late, I'm a convert to Test Driven Development, and have been working with that strategy (and updating previous projects whenever possible).


Most of my experience has been with Git / GitHub, but I can learn others as needed. In a pinch, Google Drive and Dropbox can work for smaller projects, though I tend to prefer the ability to look at commits and changes in code over time.


I've worked with:

  • Various Google APIs, like:
    • Blogger
    • Google Drive
    • Google Maps
    • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • PayPal
  • Weather APIs
  • and custom APIs

Any other API (if reasonably well-designed or documented) should be quick for me to pick up as needed.

Integrating with your Team

I've developed with a couple of teams (and don't mind doing so), but usually work alone.

If I'm working with a team, or on a smaller section of a larger code-base:

  • utilizing a repository is a Very Good Idea™
  • I'd prefer to at least follow TDD (Test-Driven Development) practices
  • I can code interfaces / adapters to make integration with my work easier
  • I can provide feedback on overall structure and design

Ultimately, my involvement comes down to the project and whatever you have in mind, though I don't mind looking over code or working with others as needed.